Buy used parts to have your car repaired?

Buying used car parts from the circular economy is attracting more and more motorists.

While some motorists were already opting for used or recycled parts, since the decree of 12 October 2018, this practice has been democratised and encouraged. Why, how, and for what purpose? Focus on used car parts and new obligations in force!

Offering used car parts: the obligation of garages

The decree of 12 October 2018, which came into force in April 2019, was intended to encourage garages to offer their customers second-hand car parts when repairs are carried out. The parts offered are then called “parts from the circular economy”, and will replace if customers so wish the order of new parts, in order to promote recycling and limit unnecessary waste. If in some cases it is not possible to provide used parts, the garage must explain the reason.

Car repairers will also have to specify whether the parts have been recycled by approved end-of-life vehicle centres. Thus, motorists will have the choice between a new or used car part as soon as possible, and this information should be clearly visible at the professional’s place of practice.

Please note that this measure does not in any way affect the coverage of your repairs by your insurer. Some car insurance companies, convinced of the validity of the ecological and sustainable approach, have even entered into partnerships with professional recyclers. Their policyholders can thus benefit from a discount on the purchase of recycled parts.

What type of auto parts are involved?

However, not all parts of a car can be fitted with this device. Nevertheless, you can still find many accessories, which will save you money and avoid throwing away:

  • Removable body parts
  • Optical parts
  • The interior trim parts of the car
  • Unglued glazing
  • The saddlery and its attachments
  • Certain mechanical or electronic parts (transmission components, engines, gearbox, etc.)

Used car parts: a good deal?

A car repairer will not be able to declare himself that a part is considered good for sale second-hand. The parts are recycled by approved centres, and strict controls are carried out to ensure the proper functioning of each part.

They may also be parts that have been refurbished, in accordance with the specifications established by the manufacturers themselves.

They are therefore car parts that are monitored, controlled and rehabilitated, so that they do not present any danger to users and are profitable for them in the long term. This quality and these controls are mandatory for the device to work and attract the general public.

Automotive parts from the circular economy, why?

The aim is to encourage people to understand that a sustainable approach is also possible in the automotive sector, and that not everything is systematically to be thrown on a vehicle. For example, a damaged car will have some of its optics in very good condition, if they did not suffer during the collision. So why throw them away with the rest?

By opting for the use of parts from the circular economy, motorists are making a gesture both for the environment and for their wallets: why spend more if you can have good parts at a lower cost?